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Marrying A citizen of Mexico? Ways to get an eco-friendly Card for the New Spouse

Whether marrying in Mexico or within the U.S., ensure that your wedding is legitimate to see just how it could qualify your brand-new partner for U.S. Residence that is permanent.

If you're marrying somebody from Mexico, and want to sponsor your brand-new wife or husband for the U.S. Green card (lawful permanent residence), let me reveal some crucial appropriate and information that is practical.

(Warning: this might be an overview that is general of the method works well with many people. Your circumstances may provide problems or be eligible for exceptions; see a lawyer for a complete analysis. )

Immigration Eligibility According To Engagement or Wedding

First, a little back ground on U.S. Immigration law. Wedding to a U.S. Citizen or legal resident that is permanent foreign-born people a primary way to U.S. Immigration. Contrary to popular rumor, nonetheless, these people usually do not instantly or automatically accept green cards or U.S. Citizenship.

If you're a U.S. Resident, your brand-new partner becomes your "immediate general, " and can even get a green card the moment the both of you allow it to be through the applying process.